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Thursday, January 13, 2005

10 random songs

I understand it's a blogging cliché and all, but it's hard to resist doing... y'know... that thing where you put your music library on shuffle and list the first ten songs that get played. With 5,786 tracks to choose from there's great potential for inappropriate juxtaposition, as well as a good chance that I'll be hearing at least a few tracks for the first time in several months.

All You Need Is Love
The Beatles: Track 6 from Yellow Submarine
Oh, I ask you! What an opener! Bloody wonderful.

Bat Macumba
Os Mutantes: Track 12 from Everything Is Possible
Keeping on the late-60s acid vibe, Brazilian psychedelia of supreme strangeness. Lovely.

Strays of The World
Prince: Track 10 from Crystal Ball - CD2
Oooops. Things have taken a serious turn for the worse. It's possible this is only the second or third time I'm hearing this song. Let's just say, this is not Prince's finest 5 minutes. Kinda mad though. Goes completely apeshit at the end.

Good Vibrations
The Beach Boys: Track 21 from A Brian Wilson / Beach Boys compilation CD done for me by a friend
What more can be said about the staggering loveliness of this song? Except to point out just how fricking weird it is too! Seriously, just listen to it like you're hearing it for the first time. It's so unlike almost anything else you can mention... so gorgeous and strange all at once.

Brian Eno: Track 3 from Apollo - Atmospheres & Soundtracks
I've just about all of Eno's recorded output on my CD rack (and hence on my hard-drive and portable mp3 thingie). So it's hardly a surprise I find myself enveloped in this warm, rich and languid soundscape right now. Less "country music in space" than other parts of Apollo and much more of an "Ambient 4: On Land - organic" thing going on. Which will only mean anything to other hardcore Eno fans.

You're Wrong Night
Bill Hicks: Track 13 from Rant in E-Minor
Five minutes of Bill insulting his audiences... these days I can't listen to Bill without thinking just how much his voice is missed.

Oh My Love
John Lennon: Track 7 from Imagine
A short, lovely song of the "John loves Yoko" oeuvre. Very nice.

Spare Ass Annie
William S. Burroughs: Track 2 from Spare Ass Annie and Other Tales
Gloriously messed up tale from the pen of Burroughs, voiced by the great man himself and put to the music of The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy. There are moods when I can think of no better definition of perfect music.

Can't Stop
The Boomtown Rats: Track 8 from Tonic for the Troops
Spikey and full-on... one of the lesser tracks on the Rats' best album. But nice to hear it again all the same.

Slim Slow Slider
Van Morrison: Track 8 from Astral Weeks
Aaaaaahhhhh.... there's no better album to end on. Seriously. Astral Weeks may just be my favourite album. In the world. Ever. I wrote a piece about it recently on a website that no longer exists. I might repost it here sometime if I can be arsed.

Anyways, that's another blogging stereotype fulfilled. Sorry.

As a result, though, I've wound up listening to Everything Is Possible by Brazilian band Os Mutantes which I probably wouldn't have otherwise. Take what lessons you wish from that.


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