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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Lilac Junction

As you can see, instead of composing sparkling nuggets of wisdom for you to read and then pass off in conversation as your own, I have instead spent a little while giving the site CSS a bit of a makeover. Not that the template provided by blogger wasn't very lovely. It just wasn't me.

And this is?

Well, it's a variation on a theme that I've been mucking about with for a while now. So in that sense, yes. But at the same time I can't say as I'm too enamoured with the colour. But the choice of colour scheme was actually outside my conscious control. It was chosen by a recurring dream I've been having lately.

The dream is located in a strange complex of buildings with the vibe of a large American shopping mall, though clearly it's in London as there's a tube station in the complex. Anyways, the dream geography is a lot like the Brent Cross shopping centre in North London (I used to obsess about the psychogeography of the place when I lived close by... on a hot sun-bleached summer Sunday afternoon it's possible to tour an alien city without ever leaving the maze of steel and concrete that makes up Brent Cross). But the Brent Cross of my dreams has major differences... there's far less decay and far more shiney plastic. In that respect it's very reminiscent of the Oakbrook Center near Chicago.

I've spent at least a half dozen nights in this place during the past month or so. I get very vivid dreams you see - often unnecessarily so in fact - and a few of those are recurring... or rather; I have a number of recurring themes and places in these very vivid dreams. This mall complex is new however, and though I won't bore you with the details of the dreams, I was pleased to awaken this morning with a new piece of information about the place.

It's name.

As I got off the tube at the station last night, I remember thinking to myself - a little startled - that I might have gotten off at the wrong stop. I turned to another passenger to find out whether or not I was in the right place. The man reminded me a little of my old Physics teacher in Athens, Mr. Cominos... "Excuse me", I asked Mr. Cominos, "is this Lilac Junction?"

"Yes." he replied. "Yes, it is."

It only struck me this evening that the very first shopping mall I can remember, was the first big one to open in Dublin when I was a kid. It was called "The ILAC Centre".

So this new CSS template is entitled "Lilac Junction". I was originally using Douglas Bowman's "Minima". The simplicity of that template makes it an excellent starting point. And although, to be honest, there's almost nothing left of the original; thanks and respect are still due to Douglas for his template. Cheers!

Normal blogging shall soon resume once I've finished "dream-branding" the site. That could take a wee while, so bear with the glitches (and if you can be arsed, drop me an email should you encounter any). I have a gmail account, and if you put bliss.jim before the 'at' symbol then your bug report will reach me.

Some links to keep you busy

Via John at Uncarved comes this rant on Beyond the Implode. Sadly I have to admit that - much to my shame - I do have a degree in philosophy and am actually still secretly (so don't mention it to anyone if you happen to be speaking to them) a bit of a fan of Camus and Sartre and even of some of the less trendy French theorists... like Irigary. All the same, a great rant.

Then, via Nick Barlow, comes the Headline Of The Week: Ringo Starr to Save the World in Cartoon Series.

The British National Party.

A review of Jared Diamond's book, Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Survive by groovy forward-thinker Steward Brand.

The best journalist working in mainstream media is George Monbiot. This is one of my favourites of his recent columns: America's War with Itself.


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