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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Long Live the United Nations

The importance of the United Nations during the next 30 years cannot be overstated. Forget all the allegations of corruption and inefficiency. Forget the criticisms about how toothless it is, and about how the interests of the powerful are always served at the expense of the weak. Instead recognise it for what it can be... a meeting place where every human being on the planet is represented. The government of every nation (well, theoretically) is represented there, and they represent (even more theoretically) their people.

And so the United Nations must be protected at all costs from those who wish to weaken and discredit it. It needs streamlining and refocussing of course, but there is no other forum for smaller nations. For the weak. Right now nobody listens to them, and that needs to be changed. But how much worse will it be when they no longer even have the ability to speak?

The solutions to the problems we face over the next few decades will involve a radical scaling-back of the project of globalisation and international trade. Most of the work to achieve this must be done on a local level. Local sustainability must be the underlying philosophy. But at the same time; if we wish to replace global systems with local ones in a just way, then a degree of global co-ordination is required.

The United Nations is the only institution which can be moulded into fulfilling that function.


Blogger L said...

Great point.

I've always felt very strongly that the U.N., while highly flawed, is extremely important. However, I live in a highly conservative area, so my views are considered "un-American" and dangerously liberal...

31/1/05 02:35  

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