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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Outrage over Harry's Nazi gaffe

Is it possible that I'm the only person in the world not quivering in "outrage over Harry's Nazi gaffe"? Well, there's me and Fergie. Fate makes for strange bedfellows, I suppose.

Make no mistake; I find the institution of The Monarchy absurd and, philosophically speaking, utterly contemptible. But if you Brits want to remain "subjects of The Crown", that's your look-out.

On the other hand, I have nothing but sympathy for Harry right now. The kid is 20 years old - barely out of his teens. He's grown up under a microscope. His mother had one of the most public deaths in history, and he has spent his teens hearing whispered stories about the sordid private lives of his parents (note: everyone's private life is "sordid" when recorded on the pages of a tabloid) including conspiracy theories about how his father arranged to have his "mad" mother murdered. He was born into incredible luxury, but had the sort of restrictions placed upon his adolescence that I (for one) simply would not have tolerated.

He's unjustifiably wealthy, and that can't be denied. But he's also got to be a pretty fucked up kid.

Which is not to say that's he a lovely chap really, and the swastika thing was just a bit of a lark. I just think that if I'd had his life, then at his age I'd probably be a bit angry at the world as well. I'd probably be looking to kick up a bit of a stink, get in trouble and embarrass my family too.

The only thing I find really repellant about the whole story is Tory Leader Michael Howard telling us that Prince Harry needs to come out in public and "tell us himself how contrite he now is".

No Michael. Fact is, Harry needs to spend no more time in public at all. He needs to renounce his title, take a wodge of cash and lie low in Monte Carlo (or somewhere else he won't stick out like a sore thumb) for a couple of years. He needs to spend this time chilling out and seeing a very good therapist. Then, having grown a beard, got a false name and kept his face out of the papers for two years, he needs to set off round the world on his own (or with a couple of mates) with a backpack, a couple of grand in travellers cheques, and a vow not to use his credit card except in real emergencies.

That's what Harry needs to do. What Michael Howard needs to do is fuck off.


Blogger merrick said...

Sad isn't it how the media put the royals in our faces so much. As they are a small hereditary institution then once they scan get the public interested they are by definiton a sure bet for news stories.

But really, a minor crisis in a totally symbolic and powerless organisation isn't really news.

There are real and active fascist and neo-Nazi groups in the UK. Perhaps some of the concern would be better directed towards them.

17/1/05 14:32  

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