Where There Were No Doors

Follow your bliss and doors will open where there were no doors before - Joseph Campbell

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Wake me in 2006

As we travel our narrow and winding paths through life, I believe that each and every one of us stumbles from time to time across small but essential Truths. Almost accidentally we uncover and accummulate tiny nuggets of wisdom. Precious beyond wealth. Beyond any mere thing. These are amongst the most valuable of our possessions, and that value is often increased when we freely give them away! We pass them on to our children, and we share them eagerly with our friends. We'll sometimes even give them to complete strangers when we're feeling especially magnanimous.

Of course, few of us are fortunate enough (or talented enough) to gather more than a meagre few of these valuable gifts; so that each passing year brings us only a little closer to discovering just how little we've discovered.

Wouldn't it be wonderful, however, if the technology behind blogs could be used to aggregate all of those tiny Truths? If the people who wrote blogs chose to harness the potential power of this medium; global distribution, effective lack of censorship, ease of use; to further the collective wisdom of our species? To drill down to the essence of our humanity and hold aloft whatever light and warmth we discover there? Surely if we use this tool - any tool - to combine all our greatest ideas and ideals... to bring together all of the light and warmth that we find within ourselves... surely then, we'd have enough to light any darkness.


Alternatively we could instead use this tool of ubiquitous information dissemination to saturate the electronic ether... hell! our entire culture! ... with mindless prattle and inane drivel. We can fill the world with the bile and garbage of evermore irrelevant snippets of gossip about the soulless celebrities who sell us empty promises. Or the minutiae of the pointless lives of 17-year-old fashion drones from Everywheresville, Michigan. Or the depressingly meticulous dissertations on lifestyle by hip urban consumers who equate success with value and orgasms with intimacy. We could obsess about the lives of others; loudly and often; braying our commodified opinions into the braying, unlistening faces of everyone else.

Hallo people. My name is Jim Bliss. This is my blog.


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