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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Bloody repeats!

I have two apologies to make.

Firstly let me say sorry for the delay in The Death of Capitalism Part 2. Today was supposed to see its posting. But that's been put on hold for a little bit until I'm finished reading Michael Klare's Resource Wars. I should point out that Klare's thesis is merely providing further evidence for mine, rather than forcing a revision. But there's definitely stuff in his book that's worthy of a week or two's careful consideration.

Secondly comes an apology to those of you who used to read my old blog. I've decided to dedicate the cloud23 site to my more "serious" writing (on energy and resource management dontchaknow). That's not going to be ready until later in the year, and in the meantime I've decided to salvage one or two of the non-energy bits from cloud23 and give them a new lease of life here (just a couple of reviews that no longer have any other home).

Which means a couple of posts that you may have read before on days when I'm very busy or, like today, decide against posting what I'd been working on. Sorry.


Blogger L said...

Rsource Wars sounds quite interesting -- I may have to pick up a copy...

2/2/05 00:49  
Blogger Jim Bliss said...

L, I have to say... if there's one book that I'd recommend above all others on this subject it's Richard Heinberg's "The Party's Over". There's a good review of it here, and it can - naturally - be bought from your friendly neighbourhood internet bookstore. In the past I've told people that if they buy it, read it, and don't agree that it's an incredibly important, then I'd buy it back from them at the price they paid.

Sadly my bank balance - just like global fossil fuel resources - is finite (see how I got that subtle link in there?) and I can't extend that particular offer to the general interweb. But it's a measure of how confident I am that the book will seriously blow people away that I do make the offer in the first place.

(I've been known to get a tad evangelical about books that have an effect on me).

The one single problem about Heinberg's book. The niggle that stands in the way of it being a truly towering achievement, is the fact that he stole my idea.

OK, OK... so he didn't steal my idea. Sorry Richard, I take that back. It's just that I'd been harping on about writing exactly that book for about 3 years before his one came out. Just because my life was a mess at the time and I wasn't nearly together enough to actually write the thing shouldn't mean that someone else is allowed do all the same research and actually publish it! Right? I'm sure you agree with me on that.

Anyways, it's the definitive book on the subject and is a must read for anyonewho... well, anyone who is living on the planet today.

2/2/05 01:46  
Blogger L said...

hmmm.... I do visit this planet occasionally, so I will take your recommendation.

I am a book evangelist as well, although more along the lines of fiction (Read Labyrinths by Luis Borges RIGHT NOW!)

too many books, so little time (and money).

3/2/05 03:40  
Blogger Jim Bliss said...

Labyrinths is excellent! It's a while since I've read it, but "Library of Babel" still remains one of my favourite short-stories of all time. Borges, PK Dick and JG Ballard are (for my money) the three best writers of short fiction.

I've got so much unread stuff at the moment... but I suspect the big chunky Collected Fictions of Jorge Luis Borges is going to be taken from the shelf over the next few days now that you've put the idea in my head.

If you do get around to reading The Party's Over I'd be very interested in hearing your impressions.

3/2/05 13:26  

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