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Thursday, February 10, 2005

A busy year

Today was a good day. Not the best day ever. Not by far. But nonetheless a good day. I didn't win the lottery or meet my future wife or discover a new continent or anything. But at the same time I wasn't run over, didn't get mugged and failed to get arrested.

What did happen though, was I discovered that our biggest client is expecting a "bumper year in 2005". Not only that, but our other regular client looks like they're going to do very well too, and the phone hardly stops ringing with more people wanting to pay us money... many of whom we're actually going to have to turn away.

At the moment, you see, I work freelance. Myself and my flatmate pool our skills and it turns out that those skills seem to be worth money to some people. Which is nice.

Last year was a crap year for me. Very crap. I was depressed and ill and really quite pissed off with everything (mostly myself). As a result I tended to only work enough hours to "just get by". This is, of course, the great (theoretical) beauty of freelancing... when you need cash you can work, and then when you want time you can stop. And if working one day a week is enough to pay the bills, then you can do that. Well, in theory as I say. In practice, it's rarely quite that convenient, but it's still way more flexible than working full-time. Plus you don't have "a boss" per se, which makes life infinitely more pleasant in general.

Having a boss is like living in a universe created by a vindictive god.

However, this year in contrast, things are changing... finally moving in the right direction.

(I have a tendency to say something like that just before a bus crashes into my house, or I discover I've got an as-yet unidentified tropical illness that'll slowly, and with an excruciating pain, make my testicles grow to the size and weight of bowling balls. So fingers crossed for a consequence-free piece of optimism, eh?)

But yeah, it seems I have the energy (and perhaps even the attitude?) to take advantage of this potential glut of work. And because I think the global economy has a maximum of 5 years left before it tanks permanently, the next couple or three years will almost certainly provide the last opportunity to earn some cash and convert it into property.

So yeah... as I say; a good day. And if anyone else out there wants to take advantage of my ColdFusion, SQL, XHTML/CSS skills... or wants to purchase the ColdFusion CMS that myself and my flatmate have built... then you'd better get your orders in quick...

... 'cos I'm in demand!


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