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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Chain Reaction

BBC Radio 4 is, frankly, a fantastic service. But, sadly, the internet has squeezed radio almost completely out of my life. Well... something had to go. It was either that or read less. Though reading was already eating into my sleeping time...

Well, anyways, the upshot of no longer checking the radio schedules is that I almost missed a fascinating series of programmes. Called Chain Reaction it's a weekly thirty minute interview where the interviewee gets to choose, and interview, next weeks guest. A simple format, but one with great potential.

Last week, stand-up comic and generally sound bloke, Stewart Lee, got to interview the god-like Alan Moore. And this week, seeking someone of equal stature, Moore is interviewing Brian Eno. It has the potential to be a fascinating conversation to listen in on.

I urge those who can, to tune in at 6:30 this evening (here in the UK), which is 1:30pm in New York (for my cousin who lives there and really digs Eno). As far as I know anyone can tune in at:


but if that doesn't work, go poke around on the BBC Radio 4 website. There's links galore.


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