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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Christy Moore

The earth is so beautiful,
yet this beauty is now threatened by the human species.
This arrogant lot who justify every rape and pillage so long as it's for the good of mankind.

Every now and then I encounter a special person, or a true artist and I experience a small glimmer of hope that maybe... just maybe... the power of goodness will blossom and expand, hand in hand with the power of God and enable us to survive.
- Christy Moore
I've been listening to Christy Moore a lot recently (specifically the recent 6 CD box-set). For those who don't know Christy, he's an Irish folk / protest singer. His music is fairly typical "acoustic guitar folk" blended with traditional Irish music and a tiny dash of pop. However, it's his lyrics (both those he writes, and the various songs he chooses to cover) which really set Christy apart.

Filled with compassion, wit, empathy, righteous anger (when warranted) and warm humour, his songs go deeper than almost anyone else I can think of. Check him out if you get the chance. You won't regret it.
Update: just been listening to Christy Moore singing "In Zurich" (a song about poverty, inequality and capitalism). I was strumming idly along on my guitar. My flat-mate looked in, saw me with guitar in hand, and asked with some surprise, "Wow! Was that you singing just now?"

Ahhh... sadly not. And my guitar-playing isn't exactly up to Christy's level either.


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