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Friday, February 11, 2005

"It's well weapon"

Don't forget folks (leastways all of you living in a place capable of receiving Channel 4 - whose website I did some work on, as it happens) tonight sees the first part of Chris Morris' new TV show, Nathan Barley. There have been some negative reviews by those who have already seen it (basically saying "it's not Chris Morris enough" - which is always a danger when a project is a collaboration - and that it draws too heavily on The Office).

Well, whatever the reviews say, I think you'd be a fool not to make up your own mind when it comes to something new from the godlike Morris.

Channel 4. Tonight (Friday 11th Feb 2005). 10pm.


Anonymous Jez said...

I had indeed forgotten. Thanks for reminding me. The Hoxton media-fool might not be as generally recognisable a figure to lampoon as David Brent-types, but I expect it to be enjoyably scathing nonetheless.

11/2/05 16:35  

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