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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Malcolm Hardee RIP (short reprise)

Well, I've just had a look at my referrer logs and noticed that about 60% of my traffic is currently coming through google searches for "Malcolm Hardee". I only mentioned him very briefly (to say how sad I was about his recent death), but I seem to have nevertheless become a popular resource for the late, great alternative comedian.

So for anyone who has come here looking for information on Malcolm, I'm sorry to say I can't offer much. I only saw him live once, a good while back, and recall very little of it. I was completely wankered on drugs at the time I'm afraid (but then, I was completely wankered most of the time back then... student days and what have you). I remember laughing a lot though. A hell of a lot. There was nudity, fluorescent paint, a bucket of water and I laughed until I cried. And then I laughed some more. For weeks afterwards I told people that they must see Malcolm Hardee, if for no other reason than because he's the funniest man ever to get his cock out on a stage and pretend it's a Frenchman.

Malcolm shone when he was on stage. He will be very sadly missed; not least by someone like me, who really should have gone and seen him more than just once.

Anyways, there are better sites for information about Malcolm. They are:

A brief biography of Malcolm Hardee

Buy Malcolm's autobiography

The news story about Malcolm's death

A farewell to Malcolm from Glastonbury Festival

Malcolm's obituary in The Times

I hope these links are of some help. And make sure you raise a glass to Malcolm this weekend!


Anonymous John Fleming said...

...and there is also a website specially set up for Malcolm by his friends at www.malcolmhardee.co.uk

1/3/05 05:07  
Blogger Jim Bliss said...

Many thanks for passing that on, John. I've added it to my sidebar.

Take care.

1/3/05 13:54  

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