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Saturday, March 05, 2005

You'd be a fool to miss it

Now that the United States Department of Energy has admitted that the global economy is probably going down the tubes over the next couple of decades, it makes it all the more important to see the good bands now... before the electricity runs out and everyone's forced to do acoustic-only shows.

Not that there's anything wrong with acoustic performances. But to the exclusion of all else? I think not.

So it was with delight that I greeted news of an upcoming rare UK performance by The Legendary Pink Dots; possibly the most under-rated band in the world ever. They've been going for 25 years, have released dozens of albums, a frightening number of which are genuine masterpieces, yet no bugger's ever heard of them. I've seen them live a couple of times (once in London and once in Chicago) and they were both incredible gigs.

Last time they played London I bought tickets well in advance, but found myself unable to make it on the night. That was less than groovy. The same shall not happen again (especially since it's the weekend after my birthday).

Of course, if you absolutely hate dark atmospheric industrial cosmic freakout music with mindbending lyrics, then it probably won't be your scene. But on the same principle that saw me attend the Bolshoi Ballet when I was in Moscow, you should still go and see them. Ballet, you see, is an art-form I don't really dig... but one should never pass up the opportunity to see the greatest artists in any field.

The other excellent thing about this forthcoming gig is the venue. It's at The Slimelight which is the gothest place in London.

13 years ago it was one of our haunts... my friends and I; though I actually rarely went to The Slimelight, as I was much more of a Megatripolis kinda guy. Not that you couldn't be both of course; and most of my mates were; but I just used to find The Slimelight had a tendency to give a "metal piercing flesh" vibe to your acid experience that did my head in much more than it did the heads of my multi-pierced friends. Though I'd still go along, on occasion, despite this fact. Partly because I was an idiot. And partly because a building filled with goth girls is often worth the price of a bad trip.

Anyways, you'd be a fool (and possibly a damn communist) to miss it. It's in a couple of weeks time... Saturday March 19th (7:30pm) at The Slimelight. You can buy tickets here. See you there.


Blogger L said...

sounds very fun... unfortunately I cannot make it :)

8/3/05 00:11  
Blogger Jim Bliss said...

That's a real shame, L. It's going to be a great night... and it turns out that a friend of mine who runs Freq and The Drones Club has convinced Edward Ka'Spel - the main creative force behind the Legendary Pink Dots - to perform a solo set at The Drones the night before!... turning it from "a great night" into "a splendid weekend".

Granted, perhaps not quite justifying a trans-Atlantic jaunt.

However, that said, thousands of people cross the ocean every day for far less interesting reasons......

8/3/05 01:49  

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