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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The 100 greatest albums

Last night I caught the final 40 minutes or so of Channel 4's One hundred greatest albums of all time. I hate list shows, but I'm a muso so escaping the show once I'd surfed in was impossible. I seethed when not one, but two Oasis albums made it into the Top 15, but I figured that there would always be idiosyncracies and peculiarities in lists such as this. OK Computer at number one? Well it's a great album; definitely top 100 material... but the best album ever recorded? I think not. And The Joshua Tree at number two, but no mention of Achtung Baby (U2's true high point)?

But what can you do? That's how "Great British Public" voted and that's the way it is. It was only upon reading the full list just now (via Nick Barlow), however, that a great despair gripped me. I'd just assumed it had been buried somewhere around Number 60 by the voting public. But it wasn't. In fact Van Morrison's Astral Weeks actually failed to register in the 100 Greatest Albums of all time, as chosen by the "Great British Public".

Not only does this render the list objectively invalid. It means that every member of the "Great British Public" deserves a proper slap. Fricking idiots!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i bastard well told you!

3/5/05 15:26  

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