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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Are you thinking...? At all?

The Tories have been fouling up the environment recently with their deeply offensive poster campaign. The posters are simple handwritten questions or statements above the line Are you thinking what we're thinking?

Like most right-wing political advertising the posters manage to insult the intelligence of any thinking person who sees them, offend a good deal of people, and incite fear, anger and outrage amongst unthinking bigots about entirely fictitious issues. One of the posters asks the question:
I mean, how hard is it to keep a hospital clean?
Clearly the response the tories are looking for is: "Duhhhhhhh... Yeah! Fookin' dirty hospitals!" In other words, they are assuming the electorate are, by and large, severely retarded.

Because as anyone who gave the question 30 seconds of thought knows, the answer is actually: "Pretty damn hard indeed!" Hospitals are filled with the most biohazardous and infectious things imaginable; sick people. And unless you eliminate them, you are never going to have completely clean hospitals. Of course, a quick glance at their spending plans and policies and you begin to suspect that the elimination of sick people is something that will increase dramatically under another tory government.

Hospitals are probably the most difficult things in the world to keep clean. And the Conservative solution; "Put matron in charge" (I'm quite serious... that's their "solution"... an unholy alliance between soundbite politics and the ideas of a demented 6-year-old); is easily the most patronising simplification of a complex issue that I've encountered this year (which is saying a lot). It patronises everyone working in difficult conditions to keep these buildings clean, as well as everyone who reads the blasted poster, or hears Michael Howard speak on the issue.

I mean, how hard is it to keep a hospital clean? Fuck you Tory scum! A far more relevant question is How dare you treat so many people with so much spite and contempt?

Conservative election poster

The Tory Poster Generator was discovered via Chicken Yoghurt and Nick Barlow. Scholars and gentlemen, both.


Blogger BB said...

Classic - have mentioned this at Bloggers4Labour.

13/4/05 12:32  
Blogger Jim Bliss said...

In the name of all that's sacred! Please don't think I'm a Blogger For Labour. Yes I despise the Conservative Party and most of what it stands for, but don't - please - make the ludicrous assumption that means I'm in favour of the bunch of sickening neoliberal colonialist freemarketeer friends of Dubya in the Labour party.

A plague on both their houses!

(and that goes for you too Mr. Kennedy, I'm afraid... you're just as unsustainably capitalist as the rest of them).

13/4/05 12:40  
Blogger merrick said...

'how hard is it to keep a hospital clean?'

A hell of a lot harder since the Tories privatised hospital cleaning (taking it out of the hands of in-house staff like 'matron'), and put the contracts out to tender, awarded them to whoever was the cheapest, generally the ones who cut the most corners and had the most unmotivated staff doing the actual work.

Not just a hello of a lot harder but a hell of a lot more expensive too.

13/4/05 18:00  
Blogger BB said...

Don't fret, I haven't added you to the B4L list. Just liked your poster...

13/4/05 20:54  

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