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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Bad news for CF developers

Forgive me if I 'talk shop' very briefly.

Back in the day, when Macromedia purchased Allaire, I can recall quite a bit of optimism amongst ColdFusion developers (and the forums I was reading). The recent announcement, however, that Adobe have just bought Macromedia must come as a body-blow to anyone (like me) who earns a crust developing software in ColdFusion.

Macromedia were treating CF incredibly well. The MX6.1 upgrade was a complete re-write of the platform in Java, and MX7 has apparently (still not had a project that requires working in MX7 yet) ironed out all the issues that made the first component (CFC) orientated implementation a bit of a bugger to use.

In an ideal world I'd have preferred Macromedia to continue developing their bare-bones development environment (Homesite+) as I have a real bee in my bonnet about Dreamweaver. But Homesite+ is well-supported by independent developers who have written all manner of nice plug-ins, so I'm perfectly happy to stick with my 'old' version.

All in all, I've been very happy indeed with how Macromedia have treated CF. However, having seen how recent iterations of Adobe Reader have turned into monstrous bloatware behemoths (how long does a fucking document viewer actually need to boot up? eh? And don't even suggest using 'Adobe Quicklaunch'!), I fear the worst when it comes to ColdFusion.


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