Where There Were No Doors

Follow your bliss and doors will open where there were no doors before - Joseph Campbell

Sunday, April 03, 2005

No Glastonbury tickets for me

They went on sale at 9am today y'see? Tickets for the best music festie on the planet.

So I set my alarm. I awoke early (very early for a Sunday). With a smug broadband connection poised, I logged onto the website 15 minutes early to make sure I'd got the date and time and everything else right.

I had.

Then, at the appointed time.... the relevant page just seemed to disappear. "The page you are looking for is not available". And the phone lines were engaged. By 10:30am (an hour and a half of redial and page refresh later), I needed a break. The frustration had, by then, manifested as a near-constant stream of obscenities which would've made a Glaswegian pipe-fitter blush. And I was beginning to worry about my blood pressure.

So I set my alarm for an hour later and went back to bed. I had the most amazing apocalyptic dream ever which was vivid, detailed and went on for ages. A real cinematic epic (it took a bunch of imagery from last night's Dr. Who, the Hitch-hiker's Guide and the death of John Paul II... and then dumped it into my regular recurring apocalyptic nightmare). Totally awesome; with an effects budget the size of the US National Debt.

An hour later my alarm awoke me from that and I leapt straight to the PC. The page was no longer unavailable. The tickets were. Last year I had a ticket, but couldn't go because I was ill. This year I couldn't get hold of one. Next year it's not on. And who knows where I'll be, or what the world will be like in 2007? It seems like I may not get a chance to say a final goodbye to the festival that dominates the memory of so many summers in the 1990s.

Which is a real arse.


Blogger Rachel said...

I had the exact same experience this morning - took a break to shower at 10.30, came back on, finally got the page, and in the time it took me to fill it out, the last tickets went. Gah.

3/4/05 19:44  
Blogger Philippe said...

if you really want to go here are your tickets:


3/4/05 23:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jim

I've just discovered that some Glasto tickets are going on sale on http://orangeworld.co.uk at 9.30 Tues 10th May.

Good luck

8/5/05 15:13  

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