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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Political famous folk

As with yesterday, I'm incredibly busy with work today, and will continue to be for another couple of days at least. So you'll not be getting any long stream-of-consciousness rants about stuff for a little bit. Over the next week or so, though, I am planning a piece about replacing the economic / competitive model of resource distribution with one based upon the principles of a cooperative ecology (I live such a rock'n'roll lifestyle!) I'm planning yet another rant about Catholicism, sorry to say. And another fairly lengthy piece on the general election.

Until then, though, you'll just have to make do with some links, and perhaps a quote or two. Maybe even a minor observation on a current news item. Like how's about them celebs, eh? The BBC has rounded up the names of some famous folk who have made their voting intentions public. Now, on the one hand, anyone who takes political advice from Joan Collins deserves a good slap. But on the other hand - if you suspend disbelief for a moment, and pretend that it actually matters - then an objective assessment of their celebrity supporters reveals a lot about the parties.

Certainly the Lib Dems have - by far - the best of the bunch. Some of whom are even worth listening to on matters of social policy (even if you don't agree with them; they're the sort of people you feel might have a valid contribution to make). There's Brian Eno, of course, who is possibly the smartest man I've ever met personally. I'm a very smart person, and I can assess a person's general level of intelligence during a conversation. Brian Eno has a really towering intellect. He has published an open letter on a website he set up LibDemThisTime which follows roughly the same logic as my "Possible Alternative" scenario at the end of the Who Should You Vote For? piece (i.e. that a massive swing to the LibDems - who are far from perfect - would finally bury the tory party and swing the political debating ground further leftwords than any other realistic protest vote could do).

It's a sound argument, and I'd love to see it happen. But I don't believe it will. Essentially because The Great British Public do not appear to have enough imagination to envision it. There is a consistent large disparity between people who say they agree with the LibDems, and those who say they will vote for them. Perhaps as much as half those who believe they'd be a better opposition than the tories will not vote for them because they don't believe they will win.

See, I've never even considered voting in those terms ("gotta make sure I back the winner!") I've always considered it an expression of my beliefs; which is why I usually spoil my ballot papers with a "None of The Above" slogan, but that's another discussion altogether.

Anyways, if I were you and not some rabid anti-capitalist like me, I'd vote LibDem in an attempt to shift the political middle ground. If nothing else it puts you in far better company... Eno, Richard Dawkins, Germaine Greer (though I still haven't completely forgiven her for Celebrity Big Brother) and Barry Norman. I mean, can you imagine hanging out with the tory celebs? Joan Collins, Bill Wyman, Tim Rice and Eddie Jordan...? Well, I guess you'll get some interesting anecdotes out of Wyman. But aside from that, who in their right minds wants to spend an evening chatting to those people. Let alone associate with them on an ongoing basis... politically speaking.

Labour seem to have found themselves without many of their earlier celeb supporters, but they can still wheel out some groovy folks. I'd have no real objection to spending some time with Eddie Izzard and Richard Attenborough. But if it meant having to listen to Alex Ferguson loudly bullying Maureen Lipman and the woman who plays Vera Duckworth in some corner of the room, then perhaps not.

Anyways folks, vote the way your conscience demands. All those talking of tactical voting have many good points. But unless there's a really good chance that you might vote Oliver "dog strangler" Letwin out of office, then I exhort every single person reading this to treat your vote as the important statement it is... your full endorsement of another human being to represent, and speak for, you and your community.


Blogger BB said...

Here's my own list - could do with a spring clean but has plenty of other 'stars' ...

21/4/05 14:08  
Blogger Jim Bliss said...

Joan Collins has apparently switched back to the tories from UKIP, and Peter Gabriel is keeping schtumm this time round (wasn't a fan of the war, or so I read).

Your list does seem to confirm that the LibDems have the best celebs, which is clearly a big factor in their favour. After all, as soon as word gets round that Matthew Kelly is voting LibDem? Well, it'll be a shock landslide I'm sure.

21/4/05 14:16  
Blogger Nick said...

I'm trying to work out if Eddie Izzard has switched, if the BBC have got it wrong or whether my memory is at fault, because I always remember him as being a Liberal Democrat - mainly because he's so pro-European he'd have made Jean Monnet blush.

21/4/05 19:43  

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