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Follow your bliss and doors will open where there were no doors before - Joseph Campbell

Saturday, April 23, 2005


There was a photograph from Iraq in my dream last night. A naked Iraqi prisoner crouched with his back to a wall. A semi-circle of uniformed men and women around him. They're pointing at him. They're shouting. Laughing. And two of them are holding back big, vicious dogs. The dogs are straining at the leash. The faces of the captors are cruel. And the faces of the dogs are savage. But it's the face of the prisoner that haunted my dreams. The look of hopelessness. The look of sheer terror.

That's a word that's become politicised of late... "terror". After all, we're fighting a war on it. And something struck me as I saw that photograph on the news bulletin. And then again in my dream. The face of that prisoner is a powerful reminder of exactly what it is we're all supposed to be so worried about.


Blogger L said...

My government is such an asshole

25/4/05 05:21  
Blogger Jim Bliss said...

Well L, as Bill Hicks (one of the finest Americans) used to say, "All governments are lying cocksuckers. Don't ever forget that."

Right now America is at the absolute peak of it's power. And those in your government are completely drunk on that power. And it filters on down through the ranks. Terrible, terrible things are being done in your name, by those who represent you all over the world.

As a paid-up member of British society just now, slightly less terrible things are being done in my name. After all, the British aren't as powerful these days. And when I return to Ireland, I'll be able to bask in the knowledge that those who represent me at an international level have almost no power at all to influence events.

If only it were so easy. But it's our collective consumer lifestyle that demands globalisation and the struggle to dominate areas of natural resources. In a way, the torturers at Abu Ghraib are the best representatives of our culture we could have possibly sent to Iraq.

25/4/05 23:07  
Anonymous Stuart said...

Would you feel better if your dream featured a sobbing, blindfolded western aid worker surrounded by hooded jihadis who laughed evilly as they sawed through his neck for the Al-jazeera cameras?

29/4/05 00:36  

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