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Monday, April 11, 2005

Where's he got to?

Yes, yes, yes. I took an unannounced break from blogging. Sue me! I received an email which included the line: "It's only polite to let people know when you plan to take more than a week's break..."


Anyways, the fact is, I wrote two excellent pieces for this blog recently. There was my account of campaigning for the papacy. It included a cardinal-by-cardinal analysis of the competition, as well as an "Insiders Guide to Conclave '05". I thought it was one of the funnier bits of prose I've written. Sadly blogger seems to have retained only the first couple of paragraphs (of a very long piece), and my text file copy has mysteriously disappeared.

When a piece of writing satirising the Catholic Church gets deleted from two separate computers for absolutely no reason at all... well, it's a bit bloody spooky.

The other thing I wrote was a rather forthright piece about how I felt upon being stood up by the person I'd invited along to the Dead Can Dance concert last Wednesday. Sadly I wasn't in the frame of mind to deal with the snub very well, and it wound up rather spoiling the concert for me, as well as much of the next couple of days.

Thankfully I never got round to actually publishing that piece. When I read it on Saturday, in a less aggrieved headstate, it was rather obvious that I'd made more than a couple of unfair generalisations about women. Just the kind of things that are perfectly acceptable from a "venting frustration having just been stood up" standpoint, but probably not from a "published for posterity under your name" standpoint.

I considered rewriting it from a more objective angle... but there's no real point. It was a rant, not a serious analysis of gender politics and relationships.

So yeah, I'm back from that gloomy place. And although I'm frighteningly busy with work stuff this week, I plan to resume regular blogging. Expect an angry piece about the Tories and why voting for them is the moral equivalent of torturing puppies. Plus a piece about Peak Oil, and the fact that it has suddenly become the orthodoxy (though this has yet to filter down to the schmucks who take their orders from The Market just yet... but it will do. Quite soon). I've also got some more to say on the subject of advertising. Those who currently work in marketing may wish to avert their eyes during that rant.

I hope y'all are doing OK.


Anonymous Rochenko said...

Go on James, get the bastards!

Thanks for the Naples tip, BTW. Nice prawns.

12/4/05 13:31  
Blogger Ms Vile File said...

And both Blogger and Haloscan have been extremely wearisome lately. I know many people are making the move to Typepad, but it seems a bit much effort at the moment. One hopes it gets sorted soon.

That your articles satirising the Church got deleted off two computers, well... (spooky musiic plays in the background, and cue bolt of lightning...)

12/4/05 18:35  

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