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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Bad joke

So it's Saturday evening and the synagogue is full of worshippers. Suddenly the door bursts open and a crazed-looking man with a bucket of paint dashes into the temple and immediately begins painting over the Star of David next to the door. The jews are obviously horrified at this defilement and leap up to stop the vandalism. The man quickly finishes painting over the Star of David and runs out of the temple cackling insanely.

Pursued by a group of devotees, the man stops next to some neo-Nazi graffiti and - to the surprise of the chasing crowd - begins painting over the large Swastika scrawled on the wall.

He's eventually arrested and charged with anti-semiotic behaviour.

(boom - tish)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How sad, I laughed.

Know any good jokes about the Koran being flushed down the toilet?


27/5/05 02:03  
Blogger L said...

har har :)

27/5/05 05:09  
Blogger Rachel said...

As a devotee of bad jokes I'm suitably impressed.

27/5/05 09:47  

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