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Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Via UserLoser (via Nick)
Amarillo, TX -- Gladis Haralski, founder of United Confederacy Against WWW (UCAWWW) announced last week of her ongoing campaign to shut down the internet.

In an interview Gladis proclaims the destructive way in which we use the internet degenerates society's standards. "The internet is nothing but filth to steal our children from God and truth", says Gladis...

Currently the UCAWWW holds 43 members, all of which reside in Texas. When Gladis was asked by reporters how she planned to reach out to others across the country she said, "We have many ongoing projects, and soon we'll be proud to announce the grand opening of our website."


Blogger Justin said...


17/5/05 13:57  
Blogger L said...

ah, Texas.... that's where most of the religious nutjobs live

18/5/05 01:36  
Blogger Jack's Shack said...

This is a lady with too much time on her hands.

18/5/05 22:22  
Anonymous Jez said...

I wish she didn't come from Amarillo though. I've got that bloody song in my head now.

19/5/05 10:50  
Anonymous Heather said...

You want to BAN the internet but you are going to open your own website?

25/2/09 00:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ironic isn't it

16/8/12 20:57  

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