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Friday, May 06, 2005

Was that it?

Well, I've put up my first post over at The Sharpener. Whenever I post something there, I'll make a point of mentioning, and linking to, it here (rather than posting it in two places).

In this case it's just me being underwhelmed by the election. And talk about The Twat Vote... Oliver "Puppy-strangler" Letwin got back in!

I guess there were a couple of high points to the elections... Veritas and UKIP having a complete meltdown was funny. Also there was my first (and probably only) cheer at seeing a tory candidate elected. It was impossible not to relish watching David Rendel getting kicked out of Newbury. Yeah, yeah, the tory replacement would certainly have been as pro-bypass as Rendel. But as Merrick points out... with Newbury it's personal.


Blogger L said...

you sound as underwhelmed as I was about OUR last round of elections.

8/5/05 16:34  
Anonymous Rochenko said...

Congrats on entering multi-blog-dom, Jim. BTW, contrary to your sidebar, I'm not hors de combat, just had to change my domain back to www.smokewriting.co.uk, following the collapse of my domain hosts. Apologies for what is essentially nothing but a shameless plug also.

9/5/05 15:34  
Blogger Jim Bliss said...

Many thanks rochenko. Weirdly enough I'd just discovered your alternate URL just before you posted your comment... so all back in order on the sidebar.

To be honest, with regards to The Sharpener I'm not quite sure that my style quite fits. It aims at being a broad political church, but I wonder whether Psychedelic Green Anarchism with a twist of Platonic Republicanism can really sit easily in any church...? Even the most tolerant and enlightened of church-goers can get a bit uneasy when you build a bonfire on the lawn and dance around it naked under a full moon.

Figuratively speaking.

But we'll see how it progresses. I'll probably try to put up my less shouty political bits there, and dump everything else here. Who knows...

L, it is said that if voting actually changed anything they'd make it illegal. This is why my talk of popular revolution gets less and less flippant as time goes by...

9/5/05 20:07  

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