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Monday, June 06, 2005

A bad weekend

I am very very fed up indeed. Annoyed, tired and frazzled round the edges.

My plans for the weekend were very simple. Both in the sense of uncomplicated, and in the sense of "not much to ask of the universe". I was going to spend Saturday working for a few hours, writing a blog entry and chilling out in front of a DVD in the evening. Then on Sunday I was going to roll a couple of pure grass spliffs, sit somewhere pleasant in Westminister - with a view of some architecture - and get high while reading a good book for a couple of hours. Then I'd trundle off somewhere pleasant for a meal before going to see Sin City in the evening.

OK, so it's fairly mundane... and would probably be significantly improved if it wasn't just me on my own... but all in all, an easy enough weekend to achieve you'd imagine.

Except that within an hour of switching on my PC on Saturday - just as Merrick called, asking me to take a look at something he was emailing over (so I'm blaming him squarely for the entire debacle) - I smelled a faint whiff of burning in the air. I might not even have noticed it had it not been for the fact that my computer decided to make a tiny "pop!" noise and then power down completely.

For me this is a nightmare scenario. I can't do my job without my PC. And right now I'm in the final week or so of two separate projects; both of which have been ongoing for a couple of months and both of which are now in the final "hectic" phase.

My first reaction was to go watch 15 minutes of television news in the hope that it would (like an estimated 5.6% of all computer glitches) "sort itself out". But deep down I knew this wasn't one of those situations. I'll spare you the gory details... but what was to have been five days in Amsterdam at the end of June; has become a bunch of wires and circuitry in the corner of my room which does roughly the same thing it did the day before it went "pop!" (albeit faster now, what with Moore's Law being what it is and all).

And what was to have been a very simple and pleasant weekend become one of remarkable complexity and no little unpleasantness. Bollocks.


Anonymous Davros said...

Have my sympathy for your unlucky weekend Jim, hope you got to see Sin City in the end. Though doubtless there is a part of you secretly smirking with glee at the thought of all that new processing power sitting in the corner. ;-)

7/6/05 15:11  
Blogger Jim Bliss said...

Davros, if I was to say that having an nForce4 motherboard, a 64-bit processor (AMD 3500+), 2GB of lightning-fast RAM and an extra 256MB of even faster RAM on my new PCI-express graphics card didn't make my inner geek positively grin (let alone smirk) with glee then I'd obviously be lying.

But I'd much rather plan my PC upgrades in future.

7/6/05 16:02  
Blogger L said...

my sympathies.... computer outages really bite

8/6/05 04:50  

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