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Thursday, June 09, 2005

You've heard it all before

Or at least most of it... assuming you're a regular visitor and have been reading my blog entries about peak oil. As evidence of the usually rather tenuous justification of blogging (that "it provides a space to test out drafts of articles") I present you:

Peak Oil: Beyond Optimism and Pessimism

Last time we hung out, my friend Merrick was badgering me (you'll only get the pun if you visit his site) about knitting a few of my recent blog entries into a "proper article" about peak oil, and also the wider issue of how we (as human beings) often fail to address problems by denying their existence.

The trouble was there was a lot conspiring against me getting this done. Firstly I'm trying to write an introduction to Peak Oil for The Sharpener group blog. But it's a very different stylee... with graphs and tables of data and stuff. A technical primer rather than the more philosophical piece that the blog entries suggested.

Secondly I have more work at the moment than I usually do, and that's making plenty of claims on my time. And thirdly I found it very difficult to see these various blog entries as a cohesive article.

Merrick, however, decided that it was worthy of a few hours work and (based on the fact that we had collaborated successfully on stuff in the past) did all the work for me and churned out a half-decent article from a quarter-decent series of blog musings.

He's that kind of person.

Also, I have pictures of him "servicing" the Australian rugby squad.

And because Merrick edits the political / environmental activism section of Julian Cope's website (U-Know!) the article now has a considerably larger audience than my little website. Which is groovy.

So yeah, thanks Merrick; nice one!


Blogger L said...

I liked it.

favorite quote: "A person is seen as psychotic when they cease being able to function and maintain their existence within the society in which they find themselves. Similarly, a society can be seen as psychotic when it ceases being able to function and maintain it's existence within the physical environment in which it finds itself."

I think that my blog may be the exact opposite of your blog; while yours seriously attempts to address serious issues, mine seriously attempts to have no socially redeeming qualities whatsoever. Ah, I suppose I'm an escapist :)

10/6/05 03:35  

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