Where There Were No Doors

Follow your bliss and doors will open where there were no doors before - Joseph Campbell

Friday, July 29, 2005

Back soon

Leastways I hope so. Contrary to L's speculation, I've not been attacked by terrorists (or "terr'ists" as Dubya called them on the news a few nights ago) thankfully. Though I do feel a bit like I have. Not physically, of course, but I'm in a kind of semi-shellshocked fugue that's been ebbing and flowing for a few weeks now, and which is not conducive to writing.

Basically the past month or so has been spectacularly stressful and unpleasant. There's been a major downer of one kind or another in almost every area of my life. The timing would be real interesting from a "paranoid: there's a concerted effort to fuck with my life" standpoint (if that was my bag). But I'm not big on conspiracy theories these days, not now that I understand just how little of anything is in the control of human intent.

Hopefully I'm past this cluster of disasters and will soon rediscover my irreverence.

"Wondering what will come next..."


Anonymous iotar said...

You all right, guvnor?

I feel like I shd bring you some chocolate biscuits and a cuppa or something. That's the usual cure-all.

30/7/05 12:09  
Blogger Larry Teabag said...

I hope things sort themselves out for you - and in the mean time that I've done my bit to cheer you up...

It's probably a deeply tactless thing to say, but please do post something if you have the time.

30/7/05 12:24  
Anonymous David said...

Get well soon.

Is that a Roxy Music quote you used at the end btw?

"I hope things will turn out alright..."

30/7/05 15:18  
Blogger Jim Bliss said...

Actually it's a "Joy Division" line (I had Closer on when I was writing that).

30/7/05 15:20  
Blogger L said...

irreverence would be a terrible thing to lose

31/7/05 08:49  
Anonymous David Duff said...

Jim, I hope matters improve for you, in the meantime, I have tried to cheer you up this Sunday over at my place.

31/7/05 17:41  

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