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Friday, July 01, 2005

Random thought

I'm well aware that a person can get a huge deal from Can's epic twenty minute version of Yoo Doo Right without first having smoked a little pot.

But really.......


Anonymous iotar said...

Actually I thought Yoo Doo Right was an outstanding LSD groove.

3/7/05 10:28  
Blogger Jim Bliss said...

I certainly can't disagree with that iotar, but these days - for better or for worse - I'm not really in a position to drop acid every time I want to put on some kosmische sounds.

4/7/05 01:51  
Anonymous iotar said...

Yes, it's been a while for me too.

But I still associate Yoo Doo Right with some of my defining deep trips from the early 90s. Of course it was always more of a 2am chug through the heart of darkness rather than a rushy coming-up number.

4/7/05 08:48  
Blogger John Eden said...

People who have to take drugs to enjoy Can are lily-livered poofs!

4/7/05 16:40  
Blogger Jim Bliss said...

Bah! You're just a lightweight what can't hold his smoke, John. I'm surprised they let you DJ at reggae clubs... don't you pass out just from inhaling the air in those places?

4/7/05 16:44  
Blogger John Eden said...

Hey, I look great with a green face, it goes well with my eyes, OK? (Alternate answer: "Screw YOU, buddy! I always wear a gasmask with fake dreadlocks glued on! Irie!")

Anyway, the fact remains that anyone can build up a tolerance to narcotics, but the delights of "Doo Yoo" whilst straight are strictly for, er, the uberman, or something.

4/7/05 16:54  
Blogger John Eden said...

Or whatever it's called. Bah.

4/7/05 16:55  

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