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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Blog Against The Lords

Yesterday was - apparently - "National Blog About How Ridiculous The House of Lords Is" Day. Leastways so say the self-styled arbiters of these things, Chicken Yoghurt and Tampon Teabag (I love citing people by their blog titles; though it does make me wish I hadn't chosen a 'private joke' to title this place... I'd much prefer it if people could say something like "As Jim over at Wanking Tossbuggery says..." or maybe, "In the words of Jim at Exploding Rectum...").

I didn't find out about this national holiday until after it had passed, though on my sidebar I do have an Elect The Lords banner in constant readiness for such eventualities.

That said, being an Irishman in Britain I must admit to being secretly (and constantly) delighted by the absurdly anachronistic system of governance still being employed by my former colonial oppressors. Of the three branches of government, two are unelected and one is entirely ceremonial. Britain is a country where you can claim a position of power and governance based entirely upon who your Mum and Dad were.

And they still claim to be "a democracy".

Ah that famous British humour.


Blogger Rachel said...

I'm sadly too tired to comment halfway intelligently, but:

"As Jim over at Wanking Tossbuggery says..."

has made me very tempted to go and start a new blog of that name. And I will read the Iran piece when I'm sentient enough to get the jokes. It's nice to see you updating again - hope things are going well now.

15/8/05 02:37  
Blogger Jim Bliss said...

Jokes? What jokes? It's all true I tells ya.

As for "things going well now"... I'm afraid not. But there's really only so much moping around you can do before you start to irritate the hell out of yourself. Two hours of meditation each day seems to be keeping body and soul together though. I recommend it.

15/8/05 02:51  
Blogger L said...

two hours of meditation a day? I don't think I could manage that one, myself. I'm afraid that I would just fall asleep.

19/8/05 03:37  
Anonymous adam said...

Nice jock by "L" :) but still a good point .....

Thanks buddy

8/6/07 20:45  

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