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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Minister for Energy

A new shadow cabinet has recently been coaxed out of the blogosphere over at Devil's Kitchen. A group of bloggers (I propose "blather" as the collective noun for bloggers)... a blather of bloggers have each been assigned a government department and asked to propose policies. I requested - and was given - the energy portfolio; at which point I immediately went on holiday and left my department rudderless; scurrying around like a headless chicken and making a nuisance of itself.

I feel confident, therefore, that I can at least claim the prize for most true-to-life performance as a government minister.

Unfortunately for the rest of the cabinet, I've returned from holiday with some rather radical policies. The likelihood of them being adopted by the PM is precisely zero, but I'm still going to use my brief appointment to the front bench as a platform from which to push for a genuinely sustainable energy infrastructure.

Proposal #1: The immediate nationalisation of the energy industry.

The government shall levy a windfall tax on all companies deemed to be part of the essential national energy infrastructure (a list of companies to be drawn up by the Department but likely to include power generation companies; oil, gas and coal exploration and production companies; national fuel distributors and retailers, etc.). The windfall tax will equal - in all cases - the physical and cash assets of that company. The government may elect, at its discretion, to also take on any debts owed by the company which the government believes are in the public interest to honour.

This programme of nationalisation will be a necessary first step towards streamlining and restructuring the energy supply infrastructure.

Proposal #2: Implementing a phased rationing of fossil fuel resources and derived products.

This policy; which will include controls over both raw resources and end products; will be tailored towards achieving specific social goals which will themselves lead towards energy resource self-sufficiency and sustainability. As these goals will include the phasing out of private car use within two years, I suspect my colleagues in the department of transport will go apeshit when they hear the details of this policy.

Proposal #3: Education, training and incentives for individuals, regions and organisations to achieve energy self-sufficieny and sustainability.

The ultimate aim of Proposal #1 is the creation of a national public energy system. In the long-term however, this national system is designed as a back-up to regional self-sufficiency. Towards this aim, the government will help co-ordinate the skills and resources (plus provide strategic infrastructure and planning) for this policy of regional and local self-sufficiency in energy.


Blogger L said...

It would be nice if ANY politician were that practical

5/10/05 23:53  

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