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Thursday, October 06, 2005

So what's up then?

I know, I know; I've been incredibly slack (blog-wise) of late. There's two reasons for this... firstly - believe it or not - it looks like by the beginning of next week I'll have finally caught up with the notional schedule of mine that's been eluding my grasp since midsummer. The three projects I've been working on should have all their loose ends tied up by Monday (just in time for the start of another major project... this time for The Government, so I'd like to thank all you taxpayers for my Christmas paycheque). And a couple of other (non-work) things that have been consuming my time are starting to slack off too.

So in theory I'm ready to return to (semi-)regular blogging very soon. Leastways I would be if it wasn't for the second reason for my lack of blogging: a lack of inspiration.

I've got five or six half-written posts and a couple of almost-done articles. But nothing that makes me tingle. Nothing that makes me think "people need to read this". Don't get me wrong; they're as well-written as anything else I write... they all have that trademark mixture of intelligent analysis, inexplicable tangents and irreverence that my reader knows and loves. I don't have "writers block"... I just don't feel like I've got an awful lot to say right now.

When I have nothing to say, my lips are sealed

Of course this blog isn't always about having something of great import to impart. But there's so much "serious" stuff happening in the world right now that it seems weird not to have anything to say about it. I mean, I could rattle on about the Tory Party's farcical leadership contest, or about nuLabor's suppression of dissent. I could analyse the many news stories about oil pricing and availability or I could discuss Iraq and the increasingly weird news surrounding that particular debacle.

And yes, of course I have stuff to say about all that... but it all seems so obvious and basically not-worth-listening-to.

So yeah, I'm going to try and get back to regular blogging, but you'll have to forgive me if I get a bit lightweight for a bit until I find my political inspiration again (expect blog memes, music posts, amusing links, tales of pot-induced silliness... that sort of thing). And in that spirit, allow me to unveil that old blogging stalwart...

The last 10 tracks to play on my media-player

Kathy's Song - Simon & Garfunkel
A dizzyingly beautiful song of love and loss. It always calls to mind an old girlfriend from many years ago whose name was not Kathy.

I Just Wasn't Made For These Times - The Beach Boys
This song - of course - is one I identify with personally. But you already knew that, right?

Marching Through The Wilderness (live) - David Byrne
Samba percussion and Byrne's exquisite guitar playing make this version of the Rei Momo classic a real joy to bop along to. "I'm marching through the wilderness / Crying out for tenderness / They call me Mr. Pitiful... but everything is wonderful"

Because (Anthology 3 version) - The Beatles
Ethereal and strange without the instrumentation... very lovely indeed.

Mutherfuker - Beck
Dirty and incoherent and nasty and fantastic. Turn up really loud! And remember... "EVERYONE'S OUT TO GET YOU MUTHERFUKER!"

Shine A Light (live) - Spiritualized
I go all the way back with Spiritualized. I can recall listening to their first single on a lot of acid back in uni and feeling tears well up in my eyes... "This music is too beautiful". "I know", replied Richard, also teary-eyed. I was actually at the gig that this was recorded at (Albert Hall, Oct 97). I was on silly amounts of hash-cake and was again moved to tears. Ain't music marvellous?

Happiness Is A Warm Gun - The Beatles
If I could only take one record to a desert island (what a horrible thought) it would almost certainly be The White Album. It's not necessarily the best album of all time but there's something on it for every single mood and I'm not sure I can think of another album like that.

Hidden Place - Björk
I'm finding Björk a bit difficult to listen to at the moment... there's an eroticism to much of her music that's become a little grating in these days of involuntary celibacy. Which is not to say that this isn't one of the most gorgeous pieces of music you're ever likely to hear.

Beats Around The Bush - norlonto audio department soundsystem
Ummm... this is one of my own. Dubya Bush cut-ups over the top of electronic beats. "America will accept no law of morality and will have no limits to our violent ambitions"

The Diver - Stina Nordenstam
This track has a harder edge, musically speaking, than most of Stina's stuff, though lyrically it's not nearly as dark as many of her songs. "Look up, don't look down / Now's the time / Don't look down / Look up, face the sun / Breathe and climb / Don't look down / Love is hard to get / But don't give in / Not now not yet"


Anonymous A taxpayer said...

No problem, Jim. You're welcome to it.

7/10/05 00:04  
Blogger Rob Jubb said...

Yeay! Spiritualised. They were a great band. Pity about the last album.

17/10/05 19:34  
Blogger L said...

You could always just post completely useless crap like I do

18/10/05 04:49  

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