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Thursday, December 01, 2005

The whirlwind

Hallo there my loyal reader. I'm surprised you're still here to be honest; I've not been online very much of late. I find myself in ill-health and it turns out that medical stuff both takes up a lot more time than you'd give it credit for, and also makes a person less interested in prattling on about top ten albums or the utter idiocy of those in power.

Please don't feel too sympathetic though... if anything's to blame for this, it's my own mis-spent youth. So I am merely reaping what I've sown.

This, sadly, means somewhat sporadic blogging as I'm not turning this blog into "Jim's Health Journal". I can't imagine anything less interesting. I do have a piece of writing in the works about the phrase "History will be my judge" (and just how much it annoys me), but you'll have to wait a wee while longer for that. Be good.


Blogger Larry Teabag said...

I'm very sorry to hear it - get well soon.

2/12/05 13:33  
Blogger merrick said...

I think that even if your ill-health is the result of a mis-spent youth you still deserve sympathy.

I hate the way people get all smug over someone with a hangover because it's their 'own fault'. Do these people go round AIDS wards doing the same thing? Dismiss grieving parents of cot-death babies who wouldn't be in that position if they hadn't chosen to procreate? How about harshly mocking car crash victims who, after all, knew the risk when they got into their vehicle?

Unless someone actually sets out on an activity in order to achieve the effect of ill-health, I've some sympathy for them.

Absolutely all of us have poorer health because of things we have chosen. That being so, if any of us deserve it then we all do.

2/12/05 18:05  
Anonymous David Duff said...

Very best wishes - hope you're well soon.

4/12/05 15:26  
Anonymous Jez said...

It may sound like a platitude, but it's meant in earnest - get well soon.

7/12/05 00:59  
Blogger zoe said...

aye, what they said.
take care jim x

7/12/05 14:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Allow me to add my voice to the chorus - get well soon Jim, your planet needs you.

7/12/05 15:40  
Anonymous Rochenko said...

That was me by the way.

7/12/05 15:41  
Blogger L said...

he's back! sort of

I hope you feel better soon

8/12/05 02:46  
Anonymous pex tubing said...

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6/7/11 22:59  
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