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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A round up

Well, I'm off to Dublin in a little over four days. All a bit hectic to be honest, and I don't really have the time to write much just now (I did write a great piece about ID cards last night... one of my better essays; succinct, funny and devastating; as is always the case when your browser crashes and you lose the bloody thing!) I don't have the time to rewrite it, and I doubt I'd recapture some of the better turns of phrase anyway. Sorry about that.

I've also got a long essay about the 'Muhammed cartoons row' in the works. Unlike many of the bloggers I regularly read, I find it to be a fascinating and very important story. My article has already wandered off on several tangents... the potential for idolatry to act as both cultural powderkeg and cultural safety-valve depending upon the historical context... the role of symbols in shaping human behaviour... the nature of religious belief...

you get the picture. Let's just say I'm unlikely to finish it very soon, given how little time I can devote to blogging just now. However, should you find yourself in need of some fine web-based writing, then you could do a lot worse than read some of the best of recent blogging:

It almost goes without saying that Harry Hutton has written the funniest thing about the Dick Cheney hunting accident.

Meanwhile John Reid (Secretary for Violence Against Foreigners) is neatly skewered and roasted over at Chicken Yoghurt. Justin hits the nail right on the head when he writes,
It's almost as if he's saying, if you want us to respect your religion you need to accept that our lads may want to give one or two of you a kicking now and again and be expected to get away with it.

David Byrne recently published a piece on a subject that's been on my mind a lot lately. Go read Selfless if you're in the mood for something philosophical.

Joel has written another excellent piece.

The Curmudgeon reveals the revelling of Rifkind in the notion of limited military strikes against Iran. After all, Iran is more serious than Iraq was wrongly claimed to be.


Blogger L said...

Have a safe trip.... and I've been reading a lot of hiliarious stuff lately about Cheney's little 'incident'. heh heh

16/2/06 03:55  
Blogger zoe said...

good luck with the move, mr bliss!
heh - i might be over in march - fancy a brew (no guinness though - can't stand the stuff).

hope it all goes well.. and enjoying you blogging again :)

16/2/06 16:53  
Anonymous Lorna said...

I hope the move goes well.

19/2/06 22:28  
Blogger Earl Jackson said...

Hey, Jim. Nice blog. Have you seen 'Sand in the Vaseline'? It's at sandvaseline.blogspot.com
I'm currently a guest of Her Majesty or I'd buy you a pint.

3/3/06 09:39  
Blogger Jim Bliss said...

Thanks y'all for the good vibes. I've not exactly hit the ground running here in Dublin... but at least it was a relatively soft landing. Minor cuts and bruises. Nothing to worry about.

I'm no longer thinking "bugger! which box did I pack that in?"

Now I'm just thinking "bugger! I can't believe I didn't pack that!"

I suspect there'll be an exposition regarding the move in a blog post sometime. As an advance warning, it'll feature a scene in which I address a customer services woman thusly... "The ferry's been cancelled? And you've known about it since last Thursday? If this is nautical humour lady, the punchline had better be a fucking good one."

Written down it doesn't scan too well I guess... and it doesn't even make a whole lot of sense... but it sounded good at the time and I was proud of it.

Anyways, there'll be an announcement blogpost over the weekend, and it will be the last thing posted to this blog.

Don't fret though; it'll include a link to the new blog (a shiny thing made of WordPress). I'll also be contacting those of you who link to me and - in a suitably grovelling fashion - asking you to update your blogrolls and point to the new place.

It's really just going to be more of the same under a new name (both the blog and myself... I'm dropping the blissful anonymity). Anyways, more about that in a little while. I hope all is groovy with y'all.

3/3/06 11:20  
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